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Founded in 1954 in California by motor-racing fan Roy Richter, Bell started out life producing helmets for racing drivers. The origins of the company’s name are simple; being named after the town where Richter had his first, humble garage in Los Angeles County.

While the mentality of riders in regards to the importance of wearing a helmet was in its early stages, Bell saw business boom. In 1968 the company released their first full-face helmet The Star, that would be worn at the Indy 500 by one of the best American drivers of the 60s Dan Gurney. Since then, thanks to numerous innovations like The Star helmet and the use of EPS expanded polystyrene, Bell has become a byword across the world for top quality.

It was in 1971 that Bell branched out and developed their first motorcycle helmet and motocross helmet. In the following ten years the brand maintained their involvement in the motor-racing and motorbiking worlds while also extending their reach into the bicycle helmet market.

In 1985, the company comprised Bell Racestar (producing helmets and gear for motor-racing), Vetter Products (helmets, leather clothes), Marsee Products (leather motorcycle gear and accessories) and Bagman (motorcycle luggage). It was this year that these products made their entrance into the French market.

Since the 80s, Bell has been a true pioneer on the motorbike helmet scene; in utilising ultra-light materials, ventilation systems, aerodynamic design... A legendary brand that continues to push the boundaries and delight riders the world over.