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Flip-Up Helmets

A hybrid between the open face and full face helmets, the flip-up helmet combines the best of both by adding the powerful protection of a full face, to the comfort and wide field of view of an open face helmet.

With your flip up helmet's chin bar, you will get maximum protection and enjoy long trips at high (but legal!) speeds safely. With just one touch, you can lift up the chin bar of your helmet and be more comfortable in a flash ! Practical and functional, the flip up helmet allows you to switch from a full face to an open face configuration in an instant.

Comfortable to wear in all circumstances and perfect for anyone with glasses, flip up helmets are versatile and suit both nipping down the shop as well as riding into the horizon.

The Modular Helmet, a Real Swiss Army Knife

The popularity of the flip up helmet has been soaring for several years now in the motorbike helmet world thanks to its’ adaptability, and not just amongst Touring riders.
This ingeniously devised style of headgear has found itself a nice, comfortable share of the market by combining certain advantages of the open-face helmet with others of the full-face, winning the hearts of a large chunk of the biking public.

With this transformable helmet, comfort is central. For those of us who are wont to take out the full-face in winter and the open-face in summer, we see this as a great compromise, owing to the helmet's capacity to adapt to all seasons.

It’s a sweltering summer’s day and you’re cruising along a quiet, country road, well why not open up the helmet ? In the blink of an eye, your flip up helmet has gone from being a << full-face >> to an << open-face helmet >>. With a simple flick of a lever you now have the fresh air cooling you down, you’re more in the scene. You want to pull over to check the map and have a drink ? Thanks to the flip up, you don’t have to fiddle with the buckle and take your helmet off, simply raise the chin bar and you’re away !
It’s a bitterly cold and wet morning on the motorway in January, but with the same handy mechanism the chin guard is down and you’re now sheltered from the wind, rain and hail, you’re more comfortable as well as safer.
To ensure that your helmet’s protection level with the chin bar down is the same as that of a full-face, look for the letter P marked on the back or the inside of the helmet.
Be aware that riding with the chin guard raised is only permitted on helmets that carry the letters P/J marked on the back or the inside.

Comfort is Key

Flip ups are produced by the majority of motorbike helmet manufacturers, and can come pre-fitted with, or be augmented with a whole range of comfort-enhancing gadgets.
The majority of mid-range to high-end models will be fitted with accessories such as Pinlock lenses, double sun visors, multiple vents, breath guards, chin curtains, and removable and washable inner linings. All contributing to a better riding experience.

A Helmet for All Budgets.

The price range for flip up helmets is usually between £100 - £600. Amongst the hundreds of models offered by iCasque.co.uk you will find many top quality, reasonably priced helmets.