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Kids's Helmets

For those of us who want to be able to share our passion for our bikes with our children, we must begin by finding them the right motorcycle helmet, properly fitted for their morphology. Although they are lighter and less bulky than their adult counterparts, children's helmets receive the same attention and technological developments: with their fiber or polycarbonate shell, they more than capably protect our little ones.

Providing a child with a children's helmet is an obligation, it is strictly forbidden (and unsafe) for a child to wear an adult's motorcycle helmet. Adult helmets offer your child no protection from shock as they are not designed for the particular morphology of a child's head. Set a good example for your little future biker and get them a specially designed children's helmet allowing them to discover the joys of the road safely.

Designed with playful and fun décor, even picking out the helmet can be a buzz in itself!