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130 product(s) found

Motorcycle Shoes

With a slightly higher cut than conventional shoes, motorcycle shoes are distinguished by their superior support, numerous reinforcements and integrated protections. Motorcycle shoes are rigid enough to protect you on your bike while still being comfortable to walk in without having to change shoes.

Whether in leather or textile, motorcycle shoes are an essential component of safe riding. From urban and stylish motorcycle shoes made of leather to Touring shoes inspired by trainer trends, you won’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

Women's motorcycle shoe models are also available with heels, offering riders a unique style.
Motorcycle and scooter shoes allow you to ride with confidence thanks to their effective protection. With waterproof Gore-Tex®, in black, brown, beige, grey or white, your motorcycle shoes are your constant companion during your travels and you will appreciate having the best models of shoes that bring you comfort, change with the seasons and meet your needs.