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Open-Face Helmets

The open-face or 3/4 helmet is the urban option par excellence. Allowing a feeling of freedom as well as looking great, the open-face is the most popular choice amongst riders in general ; from duffel coat wearing retro scooter riders who choose them for their moddish look right through to racers who go for their low weight.

Lighter and so a more pleasant choice for the summer months, we have hundreds of models ready to be shipped from brands including Hugo Boss, Diesel and Shark. You will have no trouble finding the right open-face helmet for you on iCasque.co.uk.

More About the Open-face Helmet

The open-face or Ÿ helmet has a look that transcends various bike subcultures. A favourite amongst scooterists, bikers and café racers that offers several benefits ; being light, easy to slip on, comfortable, and having a wide field of vision. This gives the rider a sense of liberty and communion with the surrounding environment.
For these reasons, open-face helmets are unsurprisingly the best-selling genre of helmet here in France.

A Matter of Style

The open-face helmet is unquestionably the type of helmet which allows you the most freedom of expression, thanks to the stellar array of styles to select from.
Are you a Harley rider looking for a helmet that roars rebellion and freedom? Then DMD's visorless Death's Head helmet may be for you. Matched with a mask or goggles, this is a proper biker's choice.
If on the other hand you prefer to be more discreet and practical, you can always opt for a more sober style. We carry plenty of long-visored models that provide you with the protection you need against the rain and wind , allowing you to get around town in total comfort.
Styles abound, in regards to both shape and design, and iCasque stocks more than 1000 different models, meaning you won't be short on options !

Advantages of the 3/4 Helmet :

The form of an open-face helmet offers a wider field of vision than that of a full-face or modular helmet, which can be very important on inner-city journeys when you need to be particularly vigilant about what is around you.
Very easy to put on and remove, Ÿ helmets certainly know how to endear themselves to those who make a lot of short journeys such as delivery drivers.
Another element of comfort of the open-face helmet is its reduced weight, owing to the lack of a chin guard. The absence of this lower-face cover gives the rider the sense of direct contact with what's around, with the elements, with the cooling breeze in the Halcyon days of summer, and allows him or her to be more alert to any surrounding dangers.
Whereas a full-face will offer more protection to the rider, especially to the jaw, it can also give a sense of being enclosed. The open-face helmet on the other hand gives the sense of openness and liberty.


In regards to choice of screens, open-face helmets permit a number of different configurations :

  • The Aviator (goggles)
  • Medium length visors
  • Long visors
  • Retractable screens
  • The double screen (internal retractable sun-screen and external visor)
  • Visorless

The role of the visor is to protect your face from the wind, rain, dust, insects and any other possible, small airborne hazard.
To cut a long story short : the longer the screen, the more you're protected. The shorter the screen, the more stylish. It's down to you to find the balance you prefer.
For screenless helmets, it is advisable to wear sunglasses or a mask to protect your eyes.
Don't forget about staying legal : Ÿ helmets are always sold with a clear or very lightly-smoked visor, although they may be displayed with a darker screen.

The Price :

You can in fact find yourself an open-face helmet for as little as 30 pounds. And rest assured, every model offered by iCasque.co.uk naturally complies with European regulations. But what difference is there between a helmet that costs £30 and another that costs £500 ?
What explains the disparity, is the quality of materials used (polycarbonate, carbon fibre etc.), the quality of the finish, the product's expected life, the interior comfort, the retention system, the brand, the place of fabrication etc. It goes without saying that the higher the price, the higher the quality which is to be expected. However that does not mean that there are not brands which offer helmets with a very reasonable balance of quality and price. For this, you only have to look as far as Shark, Scorpion and Nolan for example.