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Convertible Helmet

Halfway between a full-face helmet and an open face helmet, the convertible helmet gives you the best of both worlds.

The convertible is an extremely versatile helmet equipped with removable chin bar. Allowing you to choose a configuration that best meets your momentary needs.

By design, the convertible helmet inherits the open face helmet's wide field of view and the removable chin guard guarantees the protection of a full face helmet. It is also a much lighter option than a full face or classic flip up helmet.

The convertible helmet is versatile not just in nature but in name. You may also find this type of helmet variously listed as 'Modular', 'Transformable' and 'Crossover'.

Flexibility is Key

The youngest of the current crop of helmet types, the transformable helmet is extremely versatile thanks to the completely removable chin bar, giving you a full-face and an open-face helmet in one !

One Helmet : Many Possibilities

On the product description of every helmet here at iCasque.co.uk you will find the specific homologation of the item in question. This information is very important, as it designates how the helmet may be worn while riding : helmets marked (P/J) mean the helmet is approved to be worn with or without the chin bar, those marked (P) may only be worn with the chin bar attached. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team.
The perfect helmet for short and snappy summer jaunts, convertible helmets are:

  • Light
  • Easy-on, easy-off
  • Open with a wide field of view
  • Well ventilated

Then in winter, the cold is back with a vengeance, the rain is falling and you have a long ride ahead of you, simply reconnect the chin piece and you’re back in a full-face helmet giving you :

  • More face protection
  • More defence from the weather
  • More ear protection

Finally, some convertible models are kitted out with removable peaks, making possible their use for all-terrain sports such as enduro, trials and quad. This transcendence of styles and functions gives transformable helmets a striking and recognisable look, with their advanced chin guards and wide field of vision.

Early Days

Having a smaller share of the market and being rather unique in their construction, transformable helmets are not offered by all manufacturers.
One disadvantage of the convertible helmet is that the chin bar when removed must be stowed, meaning pulling over. This in contrast to the heavier flip up helmet, which can go from one configuration to the other simply by pressing a button or lever.
Having said that, this helmet’s ultra-convenient flexibility, it’s protective effectiveness and it’s distinctive appearance have won over many riders, and we don’t doubt that this style will go on to win over many more !