Motorcycle Gear

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Motorcycle Gear

Whether you’re an experienced Harley rider, a thrill-seeking racer or an urban scooter-riding mod, every riding style has a corresponding range of gear suited for purpose.

Here you will find everything you need to get you riding; whether you’re looking for motorcycle jackets, coats, vests, gloves, goggles or masks, body armour, cold weather or rain gear, shoes or boots. What you need is dictated by how you’re riding, so choose well!

Whether you prefer scramblers or scooters, riding in winter, summer or mid-season, whether you prefer cruising on country roads or motorways, you will find the motorcycle gear you need from our huge selection. We can provide you with the very best motorcycle apparel for men, women and children, comprising the biggest brands, the newest designs as well as timeless classics at great prices.

The protection a motorcyclist or scooter rider chooses is critical for their safety and comfort. Today, it is compulsory to wear a helmet and a pair of gloves, however there are still too many users riding around with inadequate equipment, or worse, with no motorcycle gear at all.

It is understandable that the importance of protective equipment isn't so clear to someone who has never had an accident… However take it from us, protective gear is not just ornamental, the difference that these products make has been demonstrated time and again. offer a wide range of motorcycle gear for all budgets, all styles and supply all the big names, so you can get well equipped and stay protected. We have everything from unbeatable entry level products to high-end gear for the most demanding environments and terrain.

Whether you are looking for an Alpinestars motorcycle jacket, a pair of Icon motorcycle gloves, a breathable fabric for summer, a shell reinforced exterior for racing, a pair of biker gloves for your Harley; Bering motorcycle pants that are adapted to the track or on the contrary the same jeans but with discrete protection designed for a biker who rides in the city, a Mac Adam urban motorcycle jacket, Ixon rain gear, Falco motorcycle boots, Oakley motorcycle glasses or a DC motorcycle neckband… at we have the best brands on the market for all budgets to satisfy all of your needs.

Do not neglect your safety on a motorcycle or scooter, whether you're the rider or the passenger, wear proper motorcycle gear all year round and keep yourself safe.