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The Scorpion motorcycle helmet brand didn’t take long in making a name for themselves after their arrival in France in 2007 and are big players today. Scorpion have earned themselves an excellent reputation based on their top quality helmets, incorporating advanced technology in their designs such as the innovative pump system "Airfit Concept" located under the chin of the helmet. This system allows you to inflate or deflate the cheek pads to give yourself a perfect fit and provide you with better safety and comfort.

The sleek design and decoration and high performance of Scorpion helmets has also helped the success of the brand. With a range covering all biking styles ; "Exo" for the road and "VX" for motocross, Scorpion has been able to attract hordes of devotees, both amateurs and professionals.
The excellent quality to price ratio of Scorpion helmets allows all motorcyclists and scooter riders to find a model to suit them. The range includes:

Open-face helmets: the Exo 100 and the Exo 210 Air.
Full-face helmets: the Exo 400, the Exo 410 Air, the Exo 500 Air, the Exo 750 Air, the Exo 1000 Air E11 and the Exo 2000 Air.
Modular helmets: the Exo 900 Air.
Convertible helmets: the Exo 300 Air.
Motocross helmets: the VX-15 Air and the VX-20 Air.
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