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Shoei Motorcycle Helmets

The cream of the crop of motorcycle helmets, from the Land of the Risng Sun.

When Eitaro Kamata first established Shoei in 1958, he initially reserved his wares for the racing world. The general public would have to wait.
A Japanese company based in Tokyo, Shoei have always maintained their focus on developing high end technologies with the goal of offering excellent quality motorbike helmets, built completely by hand in the firm’s Japanese factories.

With Shoei’s philosophy being resolutely geared towards excellence, the company would quickly build a solid reputation for themselves; first of all in the USA in the sixties where the already celebrated Honda brand would lend their support and influence. Some time later, Shoei would arrive in Europe, and again it wasn’t to be long before the company had conquered another continent, offering top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art motorcycle gear. In this vein, Shoei would construct the first motorbike helmet in carbon-fibre and Kevlar: the GRV, that would receive widespread acclaim for its excellent design.

After countless improvements and innovations, the road to the year 2000 would see the company reach the zenith of the market. And from then on, Shoei have not let up in refining their range and continue to develop an impressive number of ingenious models intended for all uses. One example is the Multitec, the helmet that in 2007 heralded a new era in modular helmets, as the helmet adapts itself equally well to high-speed riding as well as to touring. Tested by professional riders at speeds of more than 300km/h, the Multitec, in view of its extraordinary prowess, was subsequently nicknamed ‘The Fantastic’.

The company’s design expertise, high-performance products, standout helmet finishes, the strictly monitored production and quality control process as well as the firm’s all-round savoir-faire make the brand a major player and Shoei today enjoys a renown based on this exceptional quality.