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Motorbike Helmets - Pour Femme

In 1970, only 1.55% of motorbike licence holders in France were female, that’s 422 women for every 26707 men ! In 1990 the percentage shot up to 10%, and in 2014 it stood at 16.4%. So the preconception that motorbikes are just for men is thankfully disappearing ; today there is a veritably large community of female bikers’ clubs, associations, gatherings, and dedicated websites and magazines.
Owing to this, many manufacturers have expanded their ranges to be able to comfortably and safely accommodate their growing female customer base. Offering many products more adapted to ladies’ generally more delicate physiology in a wider range of colours and configurations.

The Style Question

Women’s motorbike helmets, be they open or full-face, modular or motocross, differ from their masculine counterparts only in their size and choice of finishes.
So that the more petite among us don’t have to resort to wearing children’s helmets,some brands offer sizes down to XXS. And of course, smaller men’s helmets are also in a generally suitable size range for women.
If for some the aesthetics of the helmet don’t really enter into the equation when purchasing, for others standing out in style is an important criteria. Therefore a whole array of paint jobs are available ; from pastel to flashy to traditional to in-your-face , we have the right style for you somewhere !

Full-face, Open-face, Flip up or Modular ?

Those riders looking for the greatest protection available need look no further than the full-face helmet. Although some users may find the helmet restrictive, full-face helmets are aerodynamic and well sound-insulated, perfect for when riding at higher speeds.
For rider comfort in chilly or wet weather, the full-face helmet is king, keeping you well sheltered. On the other hand, this kind of headgear is not as aerated as the open-face options, and is therefore less comfortable in the dog days of summer.
Advice for riders wearing goggles or glasses : check that the eyewear you opt for fit comfortably inside the helmet, and that they can be put on and taken off easily. Some full-face helmets accommodate glasses more easily, the foam inside being shaped especially for this purpose.

The open-face or 3/4 helmet is the urban option par excellence. Allowing a feeling of freedom as well as looking great, the open-face is the most popular choice among riders with a wide choice of finishes and a reasonable starting price.
With an aviator style or long visor, or with no screen and instead goggles, this style suits both modern and retro tastes.
Lighter and lacking a chin-guard so a more pleasant choice for the summer months, it does on the other hand offer less protection than its heavier counterparts. It is therefore an option recommended for generally easier riding and for inner-city journeys.

An excellent hybrid option, flip-up helmets come with a liftable chin-piece, allowing you to choose between the added protection and comfort at high speed of the full-face helmet and the openness and ventilation of the 3/4 helmet. The downside to this extra-versatility, is the extra weight of the helmet as a result of the mechanism required.
Practical, functional and master of all seasons, this style is highly-prized by Touring riders and daily commuters.
A word of advice : not all flip-ups are the same, and only Double-Homologation helmets (which are marked : (P/J)) are road-legal with the chin guard up or down.

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