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Bluetooth-Equipped Helmets : Revolution 2.0

Bluetooth helmets have revolutionised communication on two wheels. Gone are the days of having to open the visor, turn your head and shout at the top of your lungs to talk to your passenger ! Gone are the days of having to chase up to your riding partners to tell them they’ve gone the wrong way ! Bluetooth communication allows :

  • Communication between rider and passenger and from rider to rider
  • Listening to music
  • Responding to your smartphone
  • Receiving GPS directions

As these are not in-ear headphones they are tolerated by the law, and voice command technology allows you to keep your hands on the handlebars thereby making everything easier and safer.
As for a lot of other tech products, having so many choices can make it hard to narrow the field and find the one that best suits your own needs and expectations.
Remember that once you have selected a headset, there still remains the matter of fitting and installing the kit. In theory this isn’t overly difficult, however in practice it can leave some people shivering, quivering wrecks on the living room floor !

Because service is our priority at Icasque.co.uk, to help you pick your helmet and to save the nerves of the less manual amongst us, our resident technician Elise has selected a range of compatible helmet and Bluetooth combinations that she is happy to fit and set up pre-posting. So you can get straight on the road hassle-free.
Bluetooth communication technology is ever-evolving, and therefore our range also continues to expand and diversify. This feature is now available on open-face, full-face, flip ups and modular helmets. The brands and models we have highlighted have removable inner linings that allow easy installation of a Bluetooth kit.
The communication kits used are the latest models, with the majority being universally compatible. This is always worth verifying before buying, depending on your requirements.
As motorbike helmet experts, our selected combinations guarantee smooth, easy use. You may also opt for helmet/Bluetooth combinations not already proposed on our site, have a chat with our expert Elise and she will advise you on the feasibility of whatever you propose, with the view to finding your ideal combo !