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Welcome to the world of Overlap motorcycle jeans, the jeans you're about to want!
Did you know that the majority of motorbike accidents lead to leg injuries? And did you know that only 25% of riders wear specially-designed protective motorcycle trousers? Why? Generally when asked about this riders respond that motorcycle trousers are uncomfortable, unnecessary and too expensive.

Based on this premise, Overlap have created a range of CE and EPI-certified jeans for women and men. With a starting price of around 169€, Overlap motorcycle jeans are comfortable, strong, and great value for money.

Coming in Regular, Straight, Tapered and Loose varieties, these trendy designs make Overlap jeans easily recognisable. These are then divided into 3 categories, each category responding to different seasonal demands: "Overhide" jeans for summer, "Overdry" for mid-season and "Overskin", jeans for winter.

Benefitting in the critical areas from an abrasion resistance 5 times greater than regular jeans, Overlap jeans surpass the tear-resistance requirements as demanded by current regulations by 1.6 times! Equipped with CE-certified "Impactec" (the first brand to offer outer shells conforming to norm 162-1 in the most recent directive) which significantly dulls any impact, there's reason to think Overlap jeans will eventually win over the doubters!

So don't put yourself at risk, kit yourself out safe and look good with Overlap jeans!