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Bering Motorcycle Gear

Since the brand's creation, Bering has always been at the forefront of innovation.
This mindset reflects the commitment of the label to offer users a high level of motorcycle safety and optimum comfort.

Pioneers in the use of technical textile welds to ensure quality sealing, throughout Bering's history the company has advanced protective gear for motorcycle riders.

Today Bering offer a range of over 290 products with nearly a quarter of the collection renewed every 6 months and have partnership agreements with innovative manufacturers of new materials/fibres(Goretex®, Zirtex®, Primaloft®…).

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Bering’s history takes us back to 1951. At that time the remit of this French enterprise, under the name Plastex, was the fabrication of motorbike gear as well as clothes for sailors for long voyages. Known for the reliability and robustness of their products, Plastex was pushing the boundaries early on by offering waterproof clothing ranges using cutting-edge heat-sealing methods.

It was in listening to the stories of the crews who spoke of the incredible natural defences of the polar bear against the cold, the wind and the ice that Plastex were inspired to adopt the animal as the company’s emblem. The name Bering meanwhile, taken on soon after, makes reference to the Bering Strait, the waterway separating Alaska and Siberia marked by an extremely harsh climate.

With both a long tradition of quality and a drive for continuous innovation, Bering have succeeded in making a place for themselves in the motorbike equipment market, thanks notably to their motorcycle jackets.

It must be said that thanks to the brand’s values, namely: safety, reliability, innovation, comfort and responsibility, riders of motorcycles and scooters in all forms quickly took Bering to their hearts.

Bering was also the first French motorcycle equipment company to make use of Goretex® fabric for its breathable properties, to use Primaloft® removable inserts and still to systematise their sewing technique to guarantee outstanding impermeability.

Bering now offers a wide range of products; coats and leather jackets and equally motorbike gloves. Always at the cusp of what’s new, Bering reconciles the highest levels of protection for riders with the rider’s comfort.

The quality, technicality and reliability of Bering’s motorcycle gear have made put the brand on top, and their ability to continue to respond to riders’ ever-evolving expectations will keep them there.