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Baruffaldi Motorcycle Gear

Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Baruffaldi, an historic Italian label founded in the 1930s specialising in motorcycle glasses, goggles and open-face helmets.

Using the finest quality materials for a classic look, while still incorporating the latest technological innovations, Baruffaldi products are ultra-comfortable.

With a fashionable vintage look, Baruffaldi's premium motorcycle glasses, goggles and open-face helmets are a retro connoisseur's dream.


Once upon a time, in 1930s Italy, a label is born. Between 1936 and 1937, Baruffaldi begins industrially producing motorcycle and skiing goggles, and it isn’t long before the brand is on top of the world, and is a reference point for the industry. As a result, Baruffaldi becomes the sponsor of the Valanga Azzurra (the Italian ski team) and racing drivers such as Nuvolari and Ascari.

Although the brand experiences a decline between the 70s and the 00s, Baruffaldi refind their mojo from the early days, and in presenting their latest collection at the Salon Intermot 2000, the company announces their triumphant return to the big time.

Every Baruffaldi product is imbued with the label’s passion for quality materials, and with the know-how of the craftsman who work hand-in-hand with the engineers to keep innovating, whilst also maintaining the company’s connection to its historic roots. Past and present, vintage and modern, Baruffaldi’s top-of-the-range accessories have earned their excellent reputation through the care and perfectionism the brand demands.

Owing to the high quality of the label’s accessories, it was unsurprising that one day Baruffaldi would launch into the motorcycle helmet market. With open-face helmets cased in leather, and others covered in Swarovski crystals, Baruffaldi offers riders a look that is deliciously retro, chic and original.

Baruffaldi, an historic enterprise promoting artisanal quality and exemplary presentation, satisfying the demands of the motorcycle cognoscenti since the 1930s.