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Alpinestars Motorcycle Gear

An Italian company specialising in motorcycle gear, Alpinestars was founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarelo and after more than 50 years of existence, Alpinestars has established for itself a solid reputation and prestige across the entire world.

The famous starry logo of this Italian brand has become synonymous with technical quality and style. The choice of many riders for the racetrack, Alpinestars has become a major force in competitions such as the MotoGP, as well as in the off-road world.

Specialists in motorbike racing equipment, Alpinestars nevertheless also produces gear for Touring and city riders to the same high specs as demanded by professional racers. Quality, technology and style are aspects inherent in all Alpinestars products.

Innovation is in the DNA of Alpinestars, whose designers and engineers work for and with the greatest riders in the world.

As a result of this collaboration is born a range of motorbike gear to meet the very highest demands. Every technical advance made as a result of the company’s research benefits the whole Alpinestars collection, and all new materials and technologies intended for the MotoGP track also find their way into Alpinestars’ standard jackets, trousers, gloves and boots.