Shark Visor S650 - S700 - S800 - S900 - Openline - Ridill - Ridill 1.2


Shark Visor Shark S650 - S700 - S800 - S900 - Openline - Ridill - Ridill 1.2 Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Shark visors.

Compatible with Shark helmets:
  • S650
  • S600
  • S700 / S700 S
  • S800
  • S900 / S900 C
  • Openline
  • Ridill
  • Ridill 1.2
NB: The Shark push kit is supplied with the screen
NB2: All Shark screens are anti-scratch treated.


The mention Total Vision means that the screen has an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment.
Pre-drilled screens are predisposed to receive a Pinlock (rigid film offering an excellent anti-fogging performance: available in option).
The sun visor is the internal sun visor that is not present on all compatible models.
Available colors:
  • Pre-drilled Clear (Pre-drilled for Pinlock)
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Smoke
  • Iridium Blue
  • Gold Iridium
  • Chrome Iridium

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