Roof Visor RO4 FEVER Street


Roof Visor Roof RO4 FEVER Street Motorcycle Helmet Visor

RO4 Fever Street" visors for Roof "Fever", "Fever Street", " Jocker", " Metis " and " Pacer " open face helmets

Available in 3 colors:

  • Clear: anti-scratch and anti-fog treated screen. Approved E2205
  • Dark Smoke: anti-scratch screen. Not approved for road use
  • Silver Iridium: anti-scratch screen. Not approved for road use

The contours of the "Fever" screen are aluminum color while those of the "Fever Street" screen are anthracite metallic, the only difference between the Fever and Fever Street screens is the color of their contour, both are compatible with the Roof open face helmet models "Fever", "Fever Street", " Jocker", "Metis" and "Pacer".

NB: The sunshields and mirrors delivered by Roof are explicitly marked as being for "competition" use.

Roof iridium and dark smoke visors are not approved and are not allowed to be used on public roads. The use of Roof smoked and iridium visors is exclusively for competition use.

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