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Scorpion Motocross Helmets

As an extreme sports enthusiast, you need a helmet that ensures excellent performance and provides you with comfort. Among the range of Scorpion Exo Motocross Helmets you will find the VX-15 Air (with entry-level polycarbonate shell) and VX-20 Air (premium peaks with tri-composite fibre).

Equipped with advanced technologies boosting comfort and safety, Scorpion Motocross Helmets feature the famous Scorpion Exo system "Airfit Concept", exclusive to the brand. This system gives you a tailored fit thanks to the pump located under the chin, allowing you to inflate and deflate the cheek pads to your liking. Note, the high end VX-20 Air offers 2 pumps known as the "Dual-Airfit System". The first pump allows the user to adjust the cheek pads and the second pump in the rear of the helmet adjusts the padding around the temples and forehead.

Scorpion Motocross Helmets are light, aerodynamic, lined with antiperspirant fabric, kitted out with triple density foam, optimally ventilated, have a wide field of view and easily removable and washable parts. These helmets fulfil every requirement to provide MX riders with the best riding experience and greater performance.

So all that is left to do now is choose between the Scorpion VX-15 Air or the Scorpion VX-20 Air!