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Hedon Helmets

Discover the range of Hedon motorcycle helmets; including elegant jet helmets with great materials, that are ultra light and hand-assembled by a single craftsman.
Choose your Hedon jet helmet model: Hedonist or Dopa.
The Hedonist jet helmet, designed for dedicated purists for driving pleasure, is retro-inspired, with a composite fiber shell(carbon and fiberglass). The helmet is visorless however you can add a "Bubble" or "Straight" visor if you'd prefer, and it is available in many colours.
Also note, for a more pronounced look, Hedon completes his Hedonist jet helmet with an anti cold and pollution leather mask called "Hannibal".
With natural leather and accompanied by fasteners in brass, gunmetal or copper depending on your chosen colour (14 to choose from), the Hedonist jet helmet from Hedon will undoubtedly seduce lovers of quality motorcycle helmets with its deliciously vintage look.
The Dopa jet helmet, whose name is a contraction of "dopamine", a pleasure and well-being hormone located in the human brain, has a composite fiber shell (carbon and fiberglass) and an integrated aviator type visor. It is available in plain colours or decked out with fine leather graphics and finished with pure copper screws.