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GPA is a French label founded in 1972. And right from the get-go, GPA were making waves with the ‘SJ’ (sans jugulaire-no chinstrap), a helmet that was so revolutionary that it is still talked about today.

The history of GPA’s beginnings is tied in with the car and motorcycle race worlds, with the company’s helmets having had for around 20 years a big presence on racetracks all over the world, being sported by riders such as Patrick Pons, Gérard Choukroun, Chritian Sarron as well as the famous French cartoon character Michel Vaillant!

Because of the huge success of the company’s innovative helmets, GPA would be chosen to provide helmets for France’s Gendarmes (police). For over a decade, the ISR flip-up helmet would be the helmet of choice for French coppers.

Exemplary safety and flawless comfort together with the use of modern materials and unique design made GPA helmets inimitable, unmistakeable and an instant success story.
The evolution of the label, who decided not to carry on down the Grand Prix route, eventually went more towards focusing on top of the range, de luxe helmets. Today, GPA’s know-how is primarily expressed through the label’s open-face helmets.

Whether a regular, retro, or a fighter-pilot inspired open-face helmet, whether 100% carbon, or made with leather or Swarovsky crystals, GPA helmets exude the same high quality, the same high level of comfort and the same desirability.

GPA continues to be based in France, while the label’s factory is situated in Turin in Italy. Each helmet model is first tested at the heart of the company’s own laboratory, before being validated for a second time by a second, independently accredited laboratory. This way GPA’s helmets are constantly monitored.
GPA motorcycle helmets; open-face, full-face and modulables are all high-end and safe. The label continues to craft classy models that embody the very development of the company over the last few decades.