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Bertoni Motorcycle Gear

Looking for top-quality, affordable motorcycle glasses or goggles? Then the Bertoni Eyewear range could be for you.

Bertoni Eyewear combines the latest technology from the optical industry with light and resistant frames. Bertoni’s wraparound frames provide you with an effective barrier against the wind, are unbreakable and can be coupled with different types of lenses to suit your needs: photochromic, polarised, anti-glare, anti-fog and more....

Comfortable in design, Bertoni motorcycle glasses and goggles are consistently offered at unbeatable prices, take a look for yourself!
For over 20 years, Bertoni Eyewear have been providing top-quality goggles and glasses to sportsmen and women of many disciplines: motorsport, cycling, skiing, golf, hang-gliding, fishing, water-sports, beach volleyball, tennis, equestrianism...

Notable sports personalities associated with Bertoni include Superbike Champion Ayrton Badovini and Italian Road Racing Champion Samuela de Nardi, to name just two.
Having quickly become a celebrated sports and leisure eyewear brand, Bertoni have found themselves a place in the market thanks to their ability to marry style and comfort with the latest technological innovations in materials, protection and visual comfort. Add to that a very reasonable pricelist and Bertoni had the right recipe to succeed amongst the finest labels.

Equipped with anti-shock glass, produced with light, resistant materials, and having wrap-around, windproof frames, all Bertoni goggles and glasses are conceived with the intention of being worn underneath a helmet.

Every model takes advantage of the most advanced optical technologies around, using lenses that are variably shatter-proof, photochromic, polarised, anti-reflect, anti-fog, and these can all be combined with Bertoni’s own motorcycle masks.

Comfort, style, technology and affordability sum up the spirit of Bertoni.